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The Democratic Club at Heritage Ranch, Fairview, Texas

Thank you, Heritage Ranch Democrats! Thank you for inviting me to speak about my vision of education for Texans focused on a solid and modern academic curriculum, fully funded public education, and Texas's accurate and complete history and bringing back respect for our educators.

I am very excited to be with you all at Heritage Ranch and share that this is a very winnable district, and we are so close to bringing balance to the Texas State Board of Education.

Meeting the Community Members

Alex is speaking about the importance of Public Education and how the extremist right is working very hard to privatize education and putting teachers under the bus to promote their agenda.

Alex is responding to a question from the audience regarding the disrespect teachers face today because of the extremist right propaganda against teachers.

Alex with our slate of Judges running for Statewide benches. Justice Amanda Reichek running for Texas Supreme Court, Justice Erin Nowell running for Texas Supreme Court and Justice Dana Huffman running for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and Sharon Hirsch representing Beto O’Rourke for Texas Governor.

Thank you Jack for organizing this wonderful event!

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