As your next representative for State Board Education, place 12, Alex is committed to working with the teachers, school administrators, school boards and parents to ensure that they have the supplies and resources that they need to be successful. Alex believes that every student should have the ability to achieve their dreams. That's why he believes in building bridges of opportunity, regardless of where you live, by ensuring every child has equal access to the best education in the world. 

Educational Gardening

Stop Teaching to the Test

Our brightest minds need to be nourished, much like nature, to grow strong and prosper. We must stop teaching directly to a test, and instead, engage students at a level that meets them where they are. Time and again, through the many conversations Alex has had with faculty, teaching to the test comes up as a concern. We can improve student productivity by reducing the amount of time invested in teaching to the test, and instead, allow children to flourish in an atmosphere that is focused on teaching the way teachers best see fit. 

Improved Learning Conditions

If the pandemic showed us anything, it's how important it is to ensure every household and school district has access to broadband internet. We must work with other elected officials to ensure that funding is available and that this critical component to modern learning is a guarantee for all children.

Additionally, we must also ensure schools have funding to stay up to date on tablets and computers for children to use and learn on so that we do not lag behind the rest of the world as new technologies emerge. Curriculum needs to be inclusive of modern technology, while preparing our students for the future job markets that rely heavily on smart technology and broadband. 

Some schools in district 12 are lacking basic neccessities, such as having fully functioning air conditioning. These types of scenarios are unacceptable. We must ensure that all students have access to a safe and comfortable learning environment. 

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In the Classroom

Modernize Curriculum

Let's make sure that our education is reflective of the technology of today, and catch our curriculum up to the modern era, instead of from decades ago. We need to set a high priority to modernize the curriculum for STEM, Arts, Environmental Science, Critical Thinking, Health Sciences and Sports. This also means that we must ensure our text books use the most updated science and information available today. We must ensure that we are preparing our children for the continued growth of the global economy so that they can be prepared for the future. 

Support our Teachers

We need to bring parity to teacher's pay; Texas is significantly behind teacher's salaries compared to the national average. Educators are some of the most important people within our community and they should be compensated as such, especially in Texas. 

Additionally, the State Board of Education should do everything it can to shield teachers from unreasonable and confusing legislation that makes it harder to their jobs. Our role is to focus on the most positive outcomes for students and teachers alike, and we can ensure we build the bridge of opportunity by working together. 


Let's Get Real on Sex Ed.

Continuing to try to pretend that abstinence only is the best way to teach sex education is just putting our children at risk. We need to live in the reality we are given, and prepare our children for it. That means using data driven approaches that we know work by expanding sex ed. to be more inclusive of alternatives in case abstinence is not enough (which is more often than not). We have witnessed how successful expanded approaches can be in states like Colorado, where they saw a decline in teen pregnancy by as much as 60%.