Meet Alex Cornwallis

By day, Alex holds a senior position in the corporate world as a cloud engineer. His unique skillset allows him to understand the ways technology can help enhance our school systems and prepare us for a world that continues to expand with the use of technology. His unique position as a technology expert gives him an edge on understanding what types of opportunities need to be available for students to prepare them for the jobs of the future. 

He takes pride in his work, and recognizes that the challenges the education system in Texas face are not new because of the pandemic, but amplified issues within our system that were already there. We need to be able to hold virtual classrooms when it is needed. We need to ensure we expand rural broadband to make sure every student in the district and state has the ability to learn from anywhere at any time. 


Alex has over two decades of experience in managing resources, creating & implementing training curriculums for technologists and collaborating with industry leaders to achieve results. Alex’s style is results oriented and focuses on collaboration to ensure the best results. 

Alex is running because our community needs a transparent and responsive board leadership again. He is a leader who voices the community’s needs and will ensure that our Schools have the necessary resources to implement the desires of the community.

Additionally, Alex will make sure that the State funding decisions are stated clearly, and more importantly, a proper curriculum is provided to the schools to prepare our children for the real world job markets of tomorrow. 

Alex is a very active member of the community where he is not afraid to go to any level of Government to bring back what the community feels is a fair share of the community’s needs. Compassion and respect is the cornerstone of Alex’s leadership style. He is firm when it comes to defending the community’s rights and fair share.

Alex has a passion for community and education. He recently donated an entire pallet of food to Prosper ISD over the summer so that kids would not go hungry. He also worked with other community leaders to advocate for $200 million in federal funds for Covid relief specifically to schools for further improvements. In the past, Alex also headed up major projects and was tasked to design curriculum for training. The goal was to teach and acquire real world job skills to empower people to find jobs of the future.